Why Are There Construction Failures In Geotechnical Engineering

Construction and structural failure

Construction and structural failure is a very important subject for builders or for an owner because it involves money and human life. The quality and the design of the materials used for construction are among the factors which affect the construction project. To know more regarding the reasons why structural failures occur, then simply continue reading this article.


Ever since people started constructions, there have been many cases when the constructions failed. Among the many factors which cause failures includes faulty design, cracks, leaks, extra loads, and sagging. Construction failure shows the lack of load bearing ability of the structural element or of the complete structure. Structural failure usually starts if the material is pushed to its limit of strength thus, they create deformation and cracks.

In the design analysis, a factor of safety must be integrated in order to prevent failure when there are unforeseen loads. And even though there are standard building codes to minimize the likelihood of building collapses, they cannot be totally eliminated. Plus even if there is only a little chance of a construction failure, it isn’t something to ignore because the results could be disastrous. Many geotechnical engineers and geotechnical engineering consultants are looking for measures in order to reduce failures by making use of the appropriate building standards and safety requirements.


There are many factors that should be considered in designing and constructing a building. First is the soil condition of the site because it is the leading cause of building defects. If the soil is not suitably prepared, it may cause damages to the building. Water leakage is also another factor but this may be because of improper plumbing system. Water issues may just be minor problems in the first stages but it can lead to a severe problem and it can affect the structure’s foundation.

These must be taken seriously and adopt corrective measures. An imperfect design is the main reason of the development of roof cracks. The architect or engineer should see to it that the design isn’t just aesthetically good but it also needs to be effective.


Failure analysis is the process of evaluating data in order to establish the origin of the failure and then recommend the necessary precautions to avoid failures to take place. This is essential in the field of construction. The component that failed is examined to ascertain the cause of the failure by using different methods. If the failed components are not affected by the examination, a non destructive testing is the best approach.

The details provided in this short post must make geotechnical engineers and construction companies realize the significance of a good structural design before the construction project begins. If you’re planning to build a commercial building, you need to assess first if there are no issues with the land where the building should rise. You’ll need the help of Edge Drilling to do this. With them, you’re guaranteed that they can successfully do even the toughest task. For more information about them as well as their Geotechnical Engineering services, visit this site.